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Have you mailed out all the albums already? :) Thank you for this project

About 80% of the prizes/albums have been shipped, but the rest will be shipped within the next 2 weeks. If you have a specific question of if your particular prize has been shipped, feel free to contact us via email at starsforvixx @ and we’ll let you know. Thanks!


Project Compilation Photo Post // HD Version: [X]

[!] Compilation post of “StarsForVIXX: 2 Year Anniversary International Fan Project For VIXX” finally completed! The following sites collaborated with StarsForVIXX and donated prizes for this anniversary project: fyeah-vixx, 19930215, HSHS, 920406, hoko0913 (canopus), hongbishounen, and winksnuna. 

In honor of VIXX’s 2nd anniversary, the project that we decided to do was collecting donations from international Starlights through a raffle and sending the proceedings to a charity.

We later chose The Salvation Army as the charity of choice because our initial intent is the fact that VIXX has worked with them in charitable events in Korea before and we believed for them to be reputable since they’re well-known in comparison to smaller charities. 

With all the contributions collected from Starlights across the world, StarsForVIXX was able to collect and donate $657.53 USD to The Salvation Army under StarsForVIXX’s name and for VIXX’s 2 year anniversary!

Screenshot of donation being made to The Salvation Army can be seen here: [X]

The proof of donation and list of Starlights that participated in the project (as pictured above) were then sent to Jellyfish Ent/VIXX in mid-May.

Also, to the Starlights that participated in our 2 Year Anniversary project and won a prize through our raffle, feel free to send and share a proof shot/photo that you received the prize to our twitter @StarsForVIXX if you’d like! 

Thank you once again, international Starlights, for your donations and contributions to this project and making it possible for this project to happen! 


[!] Still Waiting For E-mail Replies From the Following Raffle Winners:

We have sent a follow up e-mail as well. Please check your e-mail and reply to us as soon as possible. We will give you until May 3, 2014 at 11:59 pm CST to reply. If no reply is received until that time, we will have to pick another winner for the 2 Year Anniversary Project for VIXX raffle. Thank you. 

-Admin Angela


[!] Raffle Winners of SFV 2 Year Anniversary Project for VIXX

All raffle winners of the StarsForVIXX 2 Year Anniversary Project for VIXX have now been contacted. Please refer to your e-mail as we have sent you a message titled “StarsForVIXX: Raffle Winner” with details about your winnings and need a reply ASAP. (We sent the e-mail to the same e-mail address you have used to send your information form to us.)

The winners are as follows: 

If you don’t see your name on the list and didn’t receive an e-mail from us, then you did not win in the raffle, but we still appreciate your contribution towards our project! 

Furthermore, in regards to the project, we will be sending the proof of our charity donation to VIXX around May, along with a list that includes the names of Starlights that supported the project by donating.

Once again, we thank everyone that has made this project possible and contributed their efforts!  

-StarsForVIXX Admins

When will you be announcing the winners of the raffle?

Hopefully within the next two weeks! We apologize about the delay. Please understand that our admins have school/work to currently attend to. We’ll announce the winners as soon as we can.

-Admin Angela


[!] SFV 2 Year Anniversary Project for VIXX Officially Closed

StarsForVIXX’s 2 Year Anniversary Project for VIXX (for 2014) has reached the deadline and is now officially closed. 

We appreciate everyone that managed to participate in the raffle and donate to the project. We will now conduct the process of the raffle and choosing of those who will receive prizes. Once we figure who will receive the prizes, we will either list the names here and/or contact via e-mail. Then prizes will be mailed out accordingly.

Donations collected through SFV’s project will be given to the charity we have picked and then we will make/send the proof of donation with the names of everyone that participated in the project. It is encouraged to check back on this site for any updates or extras. The site will still remain open even though the project is finished, to show SFV’s achievements so far and hopefully continue with future endeavors, unless otherwise stated.

Thank you, Starlights, for making this project possible and thank you for letting StarsForVIXX and VIXX shine for another year!

-Admin Angela  


[!] For VIXX’s 2 Yr Anniversary Project, we will now be giving away a total of 15 VOODOO DOLL albums

Thanks to additional album donations from Winksnuna, the prize list for the raffle has been updated and we will now be giving away 15 Voodoo Doll albums and 7 Hyde albums, a total of 22 VIXX albums all together! Project post and prize page has now been updated accordingly with the new album amount and info. We appreciate everyone’s contribution for making this collaboration and project possible!

Reminder, the project deadline is coming up soon on April 12, 2014! Please check the project post for more details: [X]

-Admin Angela

could i donate to a different charity? i don't agree with the salvation army's morality :(

Please contact us via e-mail at starsforvixx @ so that we can discuss further options with you.

-Admin Angela


[ANNOUNCEMENT] SFV 2 Year Anniversary Project for VIXX deadline and charity of choice

It has been decided that all donations collected from StarsForVIXX’s 2 Year Anniversary Project for VIXX will be proceeded to the Salvation Army, as VIXX has worked with them before in charity events in Korea.

Final deadline for all donations and for Starlights to be included in the proof of donation list for the project will be on April 12, 2014 (11:59 PM CST, Central Standard Time)

The project page and post have been updated accordingly. Reminder that when you send in your donations, please e-mail us the information form as mentioned on the project page in order to participate in the raffle.

Thank you for everyone that has donated and contributed to the project so far! We really appreciate it.

-Admin Angela


[!] If you’ve sent in your donation/info and still don’t see your name on the Starlights page:

If you have sent in your donation and e-mailed your information form to us and still don’t see your name on the Starlights page, we would encourage you to please e-mail us your information form (which you can find on the Project page) again. 

Only until we have received your information form then we can list your name on the Starlights page. Thank you for your cooperation. 

-Admin Angela